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Finds From A Suffolk Farm

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Since 1990 I have been metal detecting on a farm of about 350 acres in Suffolk.

Typically like many other farms, with the farmhouse and barns at the centre with the odd wood dotted about. Now consisting of 13 separate areas, it was once split in to approximately 40 different fields as shown on the earliest ordnance survey maps.

Most of my detecting time has been here with a few exceptions.

I haven't found a great deal of coins & artefacts but a few have stood out. On the following pages see some of my better finds along with the more mundane objects which have all been lost or hidden in years gone by. Where necessary all items have been identified and recorded with the appropriate authorities.

Up to 1995 I used a Silver Sabre Plus and then moved onto a Laser B3, Now in 2005 I've upgraded to a Minlab Quattro. I'm still getting used to this new machine and have found some very rewarding finds already.



My first Saxon Coin


Domitian Denarius

Barbed & Tanged Arrowhead




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